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Spanish 212-Every Tuesday @ 9:10am Assignments

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Edpuzzle - Los numeros in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle - Los numeros


Los numeros Assignment in Google Classroom

Los numeros Assignment

Step 1. Write out the numbers in Spanish. Complete the following charts: Use this website to complete the charts. Check your spelling. 
Step 2. Your answers should be all lowercase.

Paso 1. Escribe los números en español. Complete las siguientes tablas: Utilice este sitio web para completar las tablas. Corrige tu ortografía.
Paso 2. Tus respuestas deben estar en minúsculas.
Sitio web:


Mi familia Quiz in Google Classroom

Mi familia Quiz

In order to complete this quiz, you should have watched Edpuzzle.


Write your date of birth in 3rd person.  in Google Classroom

Write your date of birth in 3rd person.

2. Nació el (día) de (mes) de (año) .
Ex.Nació el primero de septiembre de dos mil nueve.

You must use the vocabulary from la fecha notes. Please follow intructions.


Surnames: How would you write your name in 3rd person? in Google Classroom

Surnames: How would you write your name in 3rd person?

Su nombre es __ __ __ __.
example: Dad: David Angel Fernandez--- Mom: Delia Hernandez Leon
Child: Cindy Angel Hernandez.
Sentence: Su nombre es Cindy Angel Hernandez.


Family Questionnaire  in Google Classroom

Family Questionnaire

Pick one family member of your choice and answer the following questions about them. You must answer these questions in Spanish. Just like I showed you all in class.


Personality Adjectives in Google Classroom

Personality Adjectives

If you finish the other assignments please complete this. You will get extra credit only if you finish it and do it right.

Part 1: Research and list the Spanish translations for the following vocabulary words below. Give the masculine and feminine forms when necessary. In other words, some words you will need to write the masculine and feminine form while other words you will only need to write it once.

Use this link to help you find the translation.


Part two quiz in Google Classroom

Part two quiz

Remember, this quiz is the same thing we did at the end of the class.


La fecha notes in Google Classroom

La fecha notes

Post your notes for today here


IB Challenge  in Google Classroom

IB Challenge

Directions: Look around you and observe which family members best represent the IB profile. What exactly did they do. You may write your descriptions in English. If you do it all in Spanish, you get extra points. Answer all the questions in complete sentences.

Instrucciones: Mira a tu alrededor y observa qué miembros de tu familia representan el mejor perfil del IB. ¿Qué hicieron exactamente? Responde a todas las preguntas en oraciones completas.



IB Profile in Google Classroom

IB Profile

Classes 216 and 210 don't worry about this assignment yet.

Step 1: Write the descriptions for each of the ten IB profiles in your notebook.
Phase 2 & 3: ustedes escribirán las descripciones en español solamente.
Phase 1: write the descriptions in English.
Look at the example that I posted of how your notes should look like.

Step two: Take a picture of your notes and upload them here.


Exit Slip in Google Classroom

Exit Slip

Directions: You must convert the definite article (el/la) to plural form. You must also convert the noun to plural form. Then tell me if the word is feminine or masculine. 1 pt for each correct answer.
Instrucciones: Debe convertir el artículo definido (el / la) a forma plural. También debes convertir el sustantivo a la forma plural. Entonces dime si la palabra es femenina o masculina. 1 pt por cada respuesta correcta.


Definite Articles Part 2 in Google Classroom

Definite Articles Part 2

Take a picture of your notes. I added the notes for the students who were absent.


Making Nouns Plural Part 3 in Google Classroom

Making Nouns Plural Part 3

Take a picture of your notes. I added the notes for the students who were absent.


Identifying Gender of Nouns part 1 in Google Classroom

Identifying Gender of Nouns part 1

Take a picture of your notes. I posted the notes for students who were absent.


Mi familia Voc in Google Classroom

Mi familia Voc

We didn't get to finish the vocabulary. Make sure you copy the vocabulary to your Spanish notebook and take a picture of your notes. Make sure to upload your notes.

Mi familia/ My Family
1. father- padre, papá
2. mother- madre, mamá
3. brother- hermano (hermanito)
4. sister- hermana (hermanita)
5. grandfather – abuelo, abuelito
6. grandmother- abuela, abuelita


Dias de la semana/ meses in Google Classroom

Dias de la semana/ meses

Take a picture of your notes and submit here. I am checking the days of the week and the months.


Introducing yourself in Google Classroom

Introducing yourself

Follow Ms. Angel's directions.
You must create a slide with your name, date and room number. Each line should have a different font color. You must also add at least one or two images of things that you like. This will be the introduction to yourself for next week class. Don't forget to submit your work.

Answer these questions for each slide. Contesten estas preguntas en cada slide.

1. What are your parent’s nationalities?
¿Que nacionalidad son sus padres?
2. Tell me something that you did this summer, or you wished you could have done.
Dime una cosa que hiciste este verano o algo que quisiste hacer.
3. What is your favorite Spanish food?
¿Que es tu comida latina favorita?
4. Tell me something that makes you interesting.
¿Dime algo que te hace interesante?