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PHYSICAL EDUCATION-HR-A112 (10:55 - 11:55 AM) Assignments

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Muscular Strength & Endurance Quiz in Google Classroom

Muscular Strength & Endurance Quiz

Click the google form below and match the definition to the correct term. You may use your notes from class to help you complete the quiz.


Who is someone that you appreciate? in Google Classroom

Who is someone that you appreciate?

Think of someone (can be 1 or 2 people) in your life (student, teacher, guidance counselor, support staff, parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent etc.) who has been helpful to you in some way and who you would like to thank. Write a short note thanking this person to show your appreciation. Be specific when you type out your thank you note.

DO NOT: I want to thank my brother.

DO: I want to thank my brother for always being there when I need help with my homework.


Risks in Google Classroom


In your group, discuss the difference between good risks and bad risks. Talk about why you think it is important to take good risks.

Bad risks: Accepting a dare from a friend, lying, cheating, stealing, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking prescription drugs, taking illegal drugs

Good risks: Volunteering, making new friends, participating in sports, not sharing homework with peers, public speaking, asking for help when needed, etc.

On your google form, answer the questions using complete sentences.

Example: Some examples of good risks are participating in sports and making new friends. Some examples of bad risks are taking drugs and drinking alcohol.


What is one thing you know you could be working harder at? How could working harder at this one thing help you? in Google Classroom

What is one thing you know you could be working harder at? How could working harder at this one thing help you?

The last video of the Believe in You highlighted the struggles each presenter faced in order to become a success. Think of something that you know you could work a little harder at? How could working harder at this one thing help you?


Goals in Google Classroom


Today we watched a video on Mark Henry we learned about who he is and the goals he set for himself. In this google doc, answer the questions that pertain to your strengths and weaknesses. List a goal that you want to work towards.


Dude. Be Nice. in Google Classroom

Dude. Be Nice.

Toady we learned about a company called Dude. Be Nice. Positivity and negativity can be powerful in their own way, good or bad.

Use the google docs and answer the following questions.


Quesiton1: What are you passionate about?  Q2: What is something that is on your bucket list? in Google Classroom

Quesiton1: What are you passionate about? Q2: What is something that is on your bucket list?

Passion is described as something you love doing. You can have many passions, cooking, playing a sport, collecting items, or traveling. What are you passionate about?

The video talked about a bucket list (they called it a bucket life). This is something that you really want to do before you die. What is 1 thing on your bucket list?

Link to the video we watched today:


If not you, then who? Assignment in Google Classroom

If not you, then who? Assignment

Today, we watched a video about Kevin Atlas. In your groups, you looked at some slides (the gallery walk) with questions and had discussions about them.

- Use the attached slides in your group to spark discussions.
- A student can decide to present the "gallery walk" so that everyone can see them.
- Spend about a minute or two on each slide.
- For the assignment (what you are going to turn into Mr. Szczek), pick one question you are going to answer, and use the assignment to turn in your answer.

Choose a question from the "gallery walk" to answer. When turning in your answer, please add in the question your are responding to (you can just type it in). You should use complete sentences when answering. Your answers should be at least 2-3 sentences long, but can be more that that.


Partner Heart Rate Activities in Google Classroom

Partner Heart Rate Activities

Open the google doc and complete the activities to the best of your abilities. Instructions and activities are provided in both English and Spanish.


Cardio Exit Ticket in Google Classroom

Cardio Exit Ticket

Please fill out the google form to the best of your abilities using what we have learned in class up until this point.


Introduce Yourself in Google Classroom

Introduce Yourself

Create a Google Doc or Google Slide to let me know a little about yourself. Make sure you include the following with at least two pictures:
- Your name (First & Last)
- Favorite School Subject
- Favorite Sports Team
- Thing you like to do to stay active

Crea un documento de Google o un Google slide para contarme un poco sobre ti. Asegúrate de incluir lo siguiente con al menos dos imágenes:
- Tu nombre (nombre y apellido)
- Matéria favorita en la escuela
- Cual es tu equipo de deportes favorito
- Lo que le gusta hacer para mantenerte activo