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Fall Art in Google Classroom

Fall Art


Thank you Parents/Guardians for all your help and support this week. For this weekends H.W. will be about Fall.
Students can draw their favorite part of Fall and use words to express their illustrations. Again, feel free to use whatever is available. The students of room 143 are very creative! Me and Mr. Agbay enjoy it when we see each art work and enjoy listening to every one of them sharing their work. I attached some examples and ideas below.
Thank you and enjoy the weekend!


🖍Letter O🖍 in Google Classroom

🖍Letter O🖍

🖍H.W. Activity🖌
This weeks new letter is "O".
Students can create the letter using construction paper, markers , or whatever is available. Again, thank you parents for all your help and support.
🖍Don't forget be creative and enjoy your weekend! 🖌


🖍Weekend Activity🖌 in Google Classroom

🖍Weekend Activity🖌

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Again, thank you parent's for all your help and support. Since we have been learning about birds this week let's create one using our imagination. I attached some examples below. Feel free to do whatever you like and have fun!✂️🖍🖌


📚H.W. for this Weekend📚  🖍 DIY Name Tag✂️  in Google Classroom

📚H.W. for this Weekend📚 🖍 DIY Name Tag✂️