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Mr. Bermudez » 8th Individuals & Society MYP III

8th Individuals & Society MYP III


Dear Parents/Guardians:


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child’s eighth grade Individuals & Society teacher at Locke Elementary School.  

The goal of Locke Elementary School is to provide a quality education while promoting the development of students to become productive and responsible citizens.  We are committed to fostering skills that lead to life-long learning.  My philosophy as educator is the practice of teacher as facilitator, guiding students to explore and offering opportunities involving hands-on learning experiences.


I will strive to foster a classroom atmosphere of trust between teachers and students and students and peers.  Building trust enables students to achieve their fullest potential in an atmosphere of belonging and security.  I believe our teaching philosophy promotes critical thinking, positive decision-making and growth in positive self-esteem.


Your child’s quarterly evaluations are calculated based on his or her class work, projects, tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and class participation.  Reporting to you is done via parent portal, report cards, parent-teacher conferences, telephone calls, returned papers, and agenda books.  If you wish to discuss your child’s academic progress, please make an appointment via email.


I would also like for you to be aware of certain key rules and regulations:

1.Your child should be in school on time and prepared to learn with necessary supplies and completed homework. Please see the attached supply list.

2. All homework assignments should be turned in on the assigned date. Please check your child’s agenda book & on-line student portal and for assignments.

3. If your child will be or has been absent, please send a note specifying the day(s) of absence and
the valid reason for the absence and have your child turn in the absent note via email or in person.

4. Dress code-Navy blue pants with a white or navy blue polo shirt. No logos on any item of
clothing and no hoodies.


5. Students are expected to behave properly in accordance to the CPS discipline handbook.
Please read the Locke Elementary School Handbook for other important information.
6. This year your child will be graduating from Locke Elementary School. In order to ensure they meet
graduation requirements, please review the promotion criteria with your child:
A. Passing NWEA scores in reading and math
B. Report card final grade averages of “C” or better in reading, math
C. Passing grades in Civics and  Constitution exams.