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Staff Spotlight

It goes without saying that the last 15 months have been incredibly challenging for most people. Locke is no exception to the challenges caused by Covid-19. Nevertheless, Locke has and will continue to be responsible for students’ academic growth and social-emotional well-being during remote, hybrid, and in-person learning. Planning for these three different teaching styles and learning at Locke is an incredibly challenging task that would not be possible without our amazing lunch staff and parent workers! Since the beginning of the pandemic and without any true time off, our lunch staff has provided meals to children and families. They have prepared and distributed an endless amount of meals with high safety standards. As for our parent workers, they have been the backbone of a myriad of requests made by the administration and leadership team that the public and even staff members do not see. A lot of their work goes unnoticed, but without them, many of Locke’s programs, protocols, and initiatives would not be possible. From the entire Locke community, thank you for your selfless and dedicated service to Locke’s students and community!