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Hello 8th grade students and families,

I hope you are well.

This Friday, 4/30/2021, is the date high school offers will be uploaded into the website starting at 5pm (after school).  In preparation of that, please make sure you have your username and password.  If you don't know it, please contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at or 773-553-2060.  You must call/email from a phone number/email on your application.  Locke school doesn't have your username or password.

This Friday, I will be teaching you all how to look up your high school offers and how to accept them during a part of your science class.  Here is a video about that in case you want to prepare or share it with your parent.

The deadline to accept your offer is 5/14.

If you are unhappy with your offer(s) or didn't apply in Round 1, Round 2 opens up on 5/17 and closes on 5/21.

Here are the dates in one quick image.

If your parent signed a proxy form allowing me to accept your offer on their behalf, I will be in contact with your parent.

Attached is more information about the process in English and Spanish.

Thank you,

Mrs. Schwartz

Locke School Counselor